As part of our Quarantine Studios series on Instagram, we are calling on the community to create a piece of furniture of any size, made up of found objects in your home. The competition is open for anyone to enter; our only restriction is you must use non-conventional materials found in your home – no trips to the hardware store required. Feel free to get creative and weird – it’s what we want!


Entry Deadline:
May 15, 2020


Entries will be accepted up until May 15th after which we will announce the top 3 finalists and winner, who’s piece will be professionally reproduced by Corral. We will be working closely with Corral founder Eric Pfeiffer on selecting finalists and to re-create the winning design as authentically as possible. For ideas and inspiration, check out our Quarantine Studios series on Instagram, which will be continually updated with interesting design and art that we discover over the next few weeks. If you’d like to learn more about Corral, scroll to the bottom of the page.

To enter your design please send a few pictures of your homemade furniture piece and a 2-3 sentence description that includes your inspiration and materials used. All entries can be sent to insights@insidesource.com.


About Corral

From the utilitarian spirit of the Shakers to the material innovations of Charles and Ray Eames, American design has flourished around the globe.

Corral was launched in order to collaborate with other American designers, who want to explore and further define an American design ethos for who we are and how we live and work today.

As we increasingly domesticate workspace and multitask in our personal space, business and leisure have become a continuum to which products must respond in 360 degrees. This means using materials

honestly, bringing craft into the production process and blending utility with aesthetics, versatility with emotion.

Furniture should make us feel at home – in the office or in our living rooms, at work or at play, alone or with friends. Wherever we are, comfort is a state of mind.