Workplace Live
Episode 5

Workplace Live Episode 3:
Building 180

IA And the Future of A&D in the Workplace

For our 5th Workplace Live discussion we sat down with IA to learn more about their perspectives on high-level solutions for the COVID-era workplace. IA’s Brave New Workplace explores ideas that push the boundaries on traditional design, addressing the ever-changing office landscape, an agile workforce, technology innovations, and a recent focus on health and wellness.



The conversation was lead by Aaron Wong, an award winning Principal and Design Director at IA who has 35 years of experience working for public and private clients across the globe, Michelle deBrestian, Senior Designer and Associate who aims to uniquely reflect brand identities in her designs, and Steven Glowczewski, a Senior Associate and Designer who has worked with clients across the United States with a focus on technology-based firms.

The mission of IA’s Brave New Workplace exercise is to propel the conversation forward by bringing it to life through floor plans, renderings and sketches. View the recording below or click here​ to view the PDF version of the presentation.