Emily Counts’ primarily ceramic sculptures combine abstraction with representation and explore themes of connectivity, both physical and symbolic. She often incorporates wood, stained glass, lighting or interactive elements. ​ ​


Seattle, WA




What are you currently
inspired by?

Counts’ art feels whimsical, strong and mysterious. Her sculptures evoke a sense of wonder, adorned with quietly expressive swirls and geometric window-like cut outs. Coming in the form of cylindrical stacked towers or abstracted anthropomorphic vessels, the pieces present as sturdy. They have a sense of independence, confidence and depth, juxtaposed with carefully curated, playful palettes in the way of pinks, yellows and periwinkle.


“Decorative patterns in vintage fabrics and wallpaper. Graphic and interior design from the 60’s and 70’s are also really appealing to me right now, as well as futuristic and sci-fi aesthetics.”

Descending from a line of women artists in her family, she was encouraged from a young age to be creative, taking an early interest in drawing, painting and sculpting. After earning a BFA in painting from California College of the Arts, her focus shifted to painting objects, to installations, and eventually onto working primarily with ceramics. Her attention to detail is clear, as each shape, angle and color placement somehow feel both articulated and organic. Though she has struggled with a tendency to be self-critical, overanalyzing her work and attention to detail, she’s learned to use it as an opportunity for growth. “I can figure out ways to use it as a strength,” she says.

Counts plans to continue exhibiting her work in all formats: from private spaces to galleries, museums and virtual exhibits. She aspires to integrate her art into public works projects or site-specific commissions. We asked Counts what she loves most about her work: “The act of creating these physical things is like magic and the path to the outcome is still mysterious and surprising to me.”