Working out of LA, Liam Hopkins is quickly becoming a seasoned illustrator. With commissioned work published in The New York Times, The New Yorker and Curbed LA, his graphic pieces are impactful and engaging. Hopkins has also collaborated with Insidesource to create illustrations used in company marketing and branding material.


Los Angeles, CA




“I’ve always gained inspiration from music as well as 1970’s and early 80’s album covers,” he says.

Hopkins attended a pre-college course at California College of the Arts studying animation before moving onto Academy of Art San Francisco and then ArtCenter in Pasadena, where he studied illustration. While Liam says the process can be challenging, he also finds it enormously rewarding. “That’s why my work is important to me, because it’s sort of a visualization of my thought process.”

His illustrations are lively and full of activity, engaging the viewer to explore the image. Hopkins’ signature palette of oranges, corals and teals resound with a skillfully utilized ombre effect. The application of a deep, flat black anchors the scenes, which often contain displays of movement and people. While his work could be overwhelming to viewers, it is carefully composed and feels animated yet balanced.

Playing with perspective and dimension, his work often evokes a psychedelic or even seedy mood. He says he is currently inspired by Robert Venturi furniture, 90’s rave posters, Utagawa Kunisada prints and beautiful bath houses.