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As a part of Insidesource's commitment to collaboration and continual learning, Workplace Live is a platform for us to connect to our global workplace community. Chatting with industry experts about news, trends and ideas in furniture and design gives us the opportunity to share diverse insights and perspectives at a time when staying connected is more important than ever.

New Episodes:

July 30: Workplace Live: Design Principles and Education in the 21st Century

Join us for a virtual conversation with Italian Designer Luca Nichetto​ and President of Bernhardt Design Jerry Helling as we discuss what motivates and inspires the A&D community and how the industry can interface with design education programs as we continually rethink the ways we learn and work.

Luca Nichetto is a multidisciplinary designer working out of Venice and Stockholm. He has designed for brands across the globe, including Salviati, Foscarini and Bernhardt. Nichetto has lectured and led workshops at various universities, including serving as a professor of design at the Università Iuav di Venezia, as well as sitting on juries for assorted international design competitions.

Jerry Helling, Creative Director and President at Bernhardt, is well known for helping to launch the careers of up and coming designers through mentorships and support programs, including ICFF Studio, a platform for emerging designers, and an annual design studio at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA.

Previous Episodes:

April 9: Re-entering the Workplace in the COVID-Era - Teamwerc

Our first chat featured the founders of Teamwerc Jen Nguyen and Jujlia Costantino, along with Carly Totorelli, Senior VP of Workplace Technology at Impec Group, for a conversation about transitioning back into the workplace post-COVID. From design and furniture, to operations, etiquette and wellness, the workplace strategy experts discussed the questions around what the future of workplaces might look like.

Check out the recording and key takeaways workplaces should consider:

April 16: Updates from China - Pam Keefe of HNI

What are the effects of COVID-19 on global manufacturing and procurement? We sat down with Pam Keefe, vice president of sales for HNI Asia Pacific, to talk about what is going on in the hub of furniture manufacturing and the current and future global impacts.

HNI is a leading global office furniture company, carrying some of the most widely known and respected brands in the industry, such as Allsteel, Gunlocke and HON. Pam Keefe leads HNI’s development and organizational business strategy. Her work touches upon sales leadership, global contract negotiation, workplace strategy and distribution.

4/23 : How the Art Community is Finding Work and Giving Back with Building 180

Moving into a post COVID-era, art in our community and the workplace will be even more important in terms of culture, connection, and even functionality. Please join us, along with Building 180 Founder Shannon Riley, founder of Affordances, Omar Ramirez, and freelance artist Strider Patton, for a conversation about the future of art in the workplace.

Join our conversation with Shannon, Omar, and Strider on April 23 at 9AM.

5/7 : Designing For New Realities - Jason Heredia of HNI

Jason Heredia, VP of Product Design and Development for HNI Corporation, discussed and focused on post-pandemic workplace factors, including materiality, social distancing, and working remotely. Jason Heredia leads strategic design and product development initiatives across HNI’s brands, including Allsteel and Gunlocke, focusing on the new opportunities created by the changing workplace.

June 18: IA And the Future of A&D in the Workplace

IA​ joined us for a discussion on the future of architecture and design in the workplace. This Workplace Live session explored ideas that pushed the boundaries on traditional design, addressing the ever-changing office landscape, an agile workforce, technology innovations, and a recent focus on health and wellness.

Helping to lead the discussion were Aaron Wong, an award winning Principal and Design Director at IA who has 35 years of experience working for public and private clients across the globe, Michelle deBrestian, Senior Designer and Associate who aims to uniquely reflect brand identities in her designs, and Steven Glowczewski, a Senior Associate and Designer who has worked with clients across the United States with a focus on technology-based firms.